Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Izzie recently turned 4 years old, but lately will only answer to the name "Hailey" and insists that she is 5 years old.

Izzie: Mommy, I'm 5 years old!

Me: No, you're 4 years old.

Izzie: How old are you?

Me: (Pause) 30....

Izzie: How did you get so old?

Izzie loves pretending that she has "really big problems", so she can call Team Umizoomi for their help!

Izzie: Mommy, I can't find my phone!

Me: Oh, no! That's a really BIG problem!

Izzie: No, that's not a really big problem....that's just a short problem.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kite Flying Fun!

Over the weekend, we went to a Kite Festival, which was so much fun!

The girls enjoyed decorating their kites!

And flying them, too!

A little help from Dad...

Flag Ceremony...

Playing under the gigantic American flag!

Don't you just love our family photo??

Oh, how I wish for just one family picture with all of us looking at the camera and smiling....maybe in 10 years!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Spy Shapes...

For our stART project this week, we focused on shapes. First, we read Shapes, Shapes, Shapes.

This is a great book to help discuss that there are shapes all around us and to help describe what type of shapes we see in our environment.

Then, I printed off these super cool Shape Viewers (laminated, glued Popsicle sticks to the back to make sturdier, then added one more for the handle).

As we read, Eye Spy Shapes, we played the game too with the new shape viewers!! Izzie had so much fun discovering all the different shapes around the house.

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