My girls love to be read too.  They love their weekly visit to the library, where they check out way too many books!  We've always incorporated reading into our school day and before bed.  However, once Izzie entered kindergarten, we continued to read books throughout the day, but decided to have family read-aloud books before bed. 
Kindergarten Read-Aloud Books (2012-2013)
Magic Tree House Series
Book 1: Dinosaurs Before Dark (done)
Book 2:  The Knight at Dawn (done)
Book 3:  Mummies in the Morning (done)
Book 4:  Pirates Past Noon (done)
Book 5:  Night of the Ninjas (done)
Book 6:  Afternoon on the Amazon (done)
Book 7:  Sunset of the Sabertooth (done)
Book 8:  Midnight on the Moon (done)
Book 9: Dolphins at Daybreak (done)
Book 10:  Ghost Town at Sundown (done)
Book 11:  Lions at Lunchtime (done)
Book 12:  Polar Bears Past Bedtime (done)
Book 13:  Vacation Under the Volcano (done)
Book 14:  Day of the Dragon King (done)
Book 15: Viking Ships at Sunrise (done)
Book 16:  Hour of the Olympics (done)
Book 17:  Tonight on the Titanic (done)
Book 18:  Buffalo Before Breakfast (done)
Book 19:  Tigers at Twilight (done)
Book 20:  Dingoes at Dinnertime  (done)
Book 21:  Civil War on Sunday (done)

Book 22:  Revolutionary War on Wednesday (done)

Book 23:  Twister on Tuesday (done)

Book 24:  Earthquake in the Early Morning (done)

Book 25:  Stage Fright on a Summer Night (done)

Book 26:  Good Morning, Gorillas (done)

Book 27:  Thanksgiving on Thursday (done)

Book 28:  High Tide in Hawaii (done)

Book 29:  Christmas in Camelot (done)

Book 30:  Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve (done)

Book 31:  Summer of the Sea Serpent (done)

Book 32:   Winter of the Ice Wizard (done)

Book 33:  Carnival at Candlelight (done)

Book 34:  Season of the Sandstorms (done)

Book 35:  Night of the New Magicians (done)

Book 36:  Blizzard of the Blue Moon (done)

Book 37:  Dragon of the Red Dawn (done)

Book 38:  Monday with a Mad Genius (done)

Book 39:   Dark Day in the Deep Sea (done)

Book 40:  Eve of the Emperor Penguin (done)

Book 41:  Moonlight on the Magic Flute (done)

Book 42:  A Good Night for Ghosts (done)

Book 43:  Leprechaun in Late Winter (done)

Book 44:  A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time (done)

Book 45:  A Crazy Day with Cobras (done)

Book 46:  Dogs in the Dead of Night (done)

Book 47:  Abe Lincoln at Last! (done)

Book 48:  A Perfect Time for Pandas (done)

Book 49:  Stallion by Starlight (done)

Book 50:  Hurry Up, Houdini!  (done)

Book 51:  High Time for Heroes  (Release Date January 2014)

Book 52:  Soccer on Sunday  (Release Date May 2014)

 First Grade Read-Aloud Books (2013-2014)

1.  Black Beauty (done)

2.  Anne of Green Gables (done)

3.  Anne of Avonlea (done)

4.  The Secret Garden (done)

5.  The Jungle Book (done)

6.  Little House in the Big Woods (done)

7.  Pinocchio (done)

8.  Rumpelstiltzkin from Grimm's Fairy Tales (done)

9.  Alice in Wonderland (done)

10.  Through the Looking Glass (done)

11.  The Frog Prince from Grimm's Fairy Tales (done)

12.  Peter Rabbit (done)

13.  Mary Poppins (done)

14. Mary Poppins Comes Back

15.  Caddie Woodlawn

16.  Charlotte's Web

17.  Davy Crockett, Young Rifleman

18.  Sacagawea: American Pathfinder

19.  The Trumpet of the Swan

20.  The Saturdays

21.  The Railway Children

22.  The Reluctant Dragon

23.  Winnie the Pooh

24.  The House at Pooh Corner

25.  The Light Princess

26.  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

27.  The Velveteen Rabbit

28.  How to Eat Fried Worms

29.  The Happy Hollisters

30.  Pollyanna

31.  The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

32.  A Christmas Carol

33.  Farmer Boy

33.  Little House on the Prairie

34.  All-of-a-Kind Family

35.  The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

36.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

37.  Socks

38.  The Wind in the Willows

39.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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