Sunday, March 31, 2013

C is for coloring Easter eggs!


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Blogging Through the Alphabet

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break at the Museum

I can't believe how fast Spring Break has flown by!   Soaking up one more day of fun at the museum!!


The girls love playing in the barn's Mac's favorite!  



Izzie is terrified of bugs, especially spiders!  However, the bug area is her favorite!

Daddy's favorite is the rope, tunnel, and slide mazes that go throughout the 5-floor museum!  The girls have so much more fun when Daddy is with us!  He doesn't mind going inside with them!  When, it's just's not as fun.  I don't go inside and I don't allow them to zip in and out throughout the different levels.  It scares me that they can enter a tunnel on the fifth floor and within minutes they've taken a slide all the way down to the first floor!  I can't keep up!  One rule in the maze...Izzie and Mac must stay together!  Can you imagine having multiple kids on all different levels?   


 Izzie and Mac couldn't get enough of the zip line!  

My favorite area is the Egyptian area! 


 Other favorites...

 Mac enjoys stopping by and helping the patient.  Each time we visit, she always makes him better! 

Everyone enjoying running through the large veins and arteries of the heart! 

The girls love getting in the large canoe and fishing.  Then, we cook our fish over the open fire.  


 Mac loves to dig for treasures....


Daddy enjoying coloring!  He colors every time we come to the museum! 

 Lastly, the girls enjoy playing in the huge water table.  They normally get soaked, so we keep this as our last activity. 


We had an amazing day at the museum!  Next year, we may need 2 weeks for Spring Break!   

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I had big plans this week for Spring Break! Being snowed in was NOT one of them!

However, we're enjoying a lot of snuggle time and hot cocoa.

Monday, March 25, 2013

B is for Bicycling!

  Last week, I decided to take the challenge of blogging a different letter of the alphabet each week, hosted by Ben and Me.
Blogging Through the Alphabet

Again, this a perfect opportunity for me to blog about our life from last fall.  I have all these super cool family fun adventures, homeschooling crafts, and day-to-day life activities just sitting in my Pictures Folder, patiently waiting to be shared.  

We love to take the girls down to the Greenway by the river with their bicycles.   It is such a wonderful way to spend a fall afternoon.


In addition, we took some time that weekend to help Izzie complete her American Heritage Girls' Cycling Badge

Be sure to ride over to Ben and Me to see other fun Letter B activities, crafts, fieldtrips, etc!
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