Monday, April 30, 2012

Yard Sale Finds!

It's that time of year again...yard sale season!  I absolutely love waking up before dawn on Saturdays, grabbing a huge mug of coffee and my perfectly mapped out list of yard sales, and slipping out of the house, while everyone else is peacefully still asleep!  

Here are my finds from this weekend!

 4 Melissa and Doug puzzles for 25 cents each!  Yelp, I paid only $1 for all 4 puzzles! 

 I have never heard of this game before, but it looked really interesting,so I grabbed it up for $1.  I peeped inside the box and there were a lot of pieces, so I took my chance that nothing was missing...

 I was thrilled when I got home and discovered that ALL the pieces where there! 

 Brand new Hieroglphic stamp set for $1. This will be perfect when we study Egypt.

This box immediately caught my eye...we're going to be studying different countries next year, so ideas started to flood my head with all the different ways I could incorporate the box...I was even more tickled, when I opened it up...

A cute little teddy bear with different outfits from a variety of countries!  Perfect for $5. 

FREE puzzle!  Yelp, I arrived when they were packing up, so everything was free! 

The best find of the morning...

  My girls were thrilled with the tool bench set!  They have played with it for hours this weekend! 

  Paid only $5 for it!! 

 A very successful morning out and one (actually two) very happy little girls.

Not too shabby for only spending $13. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moments to Remember...

Every night, Izzie and Daddy read Magic Tree House books together.  
I'm not sure who enjoys it more!    

They started this tradition in January and are currently on book #31.  They insist on reading in chronological order and are highly disappointed, when they must wait for a book from the library!  The longest they've had to wait has been 2 weeks, and boy was it a long 2 weeks!!

 Review from Amazon:  Jack and his little sister Annie are just two regular kids from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. Then they discover a mysterious tree house packed with all sorts of books...and their lives are never the same! Soon they are traveling through time and space in the magic tree house and having amazing adventures. Whether it's watching baby dinosaurs hatch, finding a secret passage in a castle, helping a ghost queen in an Egyptian pyramid, or finding pirate treasure, readers won't want to miss a single story!

There's also a Magic Treehouse website that Izzie loves to explore. There are a ton of activities for children and even teacher resources!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Storytime From A to Z: The Napping House

This particular week at Coop, the Storytime From A to Z letter was "N" and the book was The Napping House, which is a favorite book at our house!  My girls love this rhyming book that leads up to the consequences of piling too many sleepy people and animals in a cozy bed.  

The girls always enjoy using story props to retell the story. Props found here.  If you're looking for retelling story props for a variety of books, be sure to check out Kizclub

I had my Coop class, color and cut the above templates in order to create their own story props!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Storytime From A to Z: Zoo-Looking

This particular week at Coop, the Storytime From A to Z letter was "Z" and the book was Zoo-Looking.

When Flora goes to the zoo with her father, the animals watch her as carefully as she watches them: "She looked at the penguin/ and the penguin looked back [and] she looked at the monkey/ as its baby got a smack." The pattern continues: various zoo animals "look back," and others are described in matching rhymes (the snake slithers through a crack, the panther's coat is black, the elephant lives next to a yak, etc.).

To keep with the pattern of the book, each girl in class completed the simple sentence with her favorite animal at the zoo.  Izzie chose the lion...she's currently obsess with The Lion King movie!   Then, by tearing construction paper, they created a masterpiece!  I absolutely love the way Izzie's turned out! 

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