Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favorite Christmas Gifts...

I know this is late, very late! But, I'm always curious to know what neat and/or educational toys are out there, that other kids are enjoying, so decided to share. And, I started this post awhile back and just didn't finish, until now! So, enjoy!

The girls received this dollhouse as their big Christmas gift. They have spent countless hours playing with it! Izzie has such a creative imagination and loves rearranging the furniture!

They each received a Baby Stella and accessories. Mac carries her Baby Boo with her everywhere...they are inseparable!

A few more of Mac's (23 months old) favorites...

Melissa and Doug doorbell house

Melissa and Doug Fish Color Puzzle

Izzie's (4 years old) favorites include:

This cute little picnic basket with tea set. I'm not sure the brand, as it was a gift, but here is a similar one.

She has spent hours playing this game!

I would love to know what some of your child(ren)'s favorite gifts were for Christmas!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Our first BIG snow of winter! The girls were so excited to get out and play this afternoon!

Love this sled! It's great being able to pull the girls around the yard, since we don't have a hill to push them down! HA! It's a great workout, too!

Hot chocolate and marshmallows....does it get any better?

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