Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mouse Paint Manipulatives

My girls adore the book, Mouse Paint.

I often catch them reading this book by themselves or to each other!

I stepped out of the schoolroom, only to return a few minutes later to the above scene!
Mac retelling the story to Izzie! Priceless!

I found these amazing color paddles here.

Wow! Blue and red make purple!!
The girls had so much fun discovering how colors mix to make new colors.

Their favorite activity was the Mouse Paint story props!

Laminated, added magnets to the back, and Velcro to the front (some pieces) equals a ton of fun and a lot of learning!

Reviewing color words with a file folder game from The Mailbox.

More details for story prop board...(sorry, pictures are horrible!)

3 white mice

3 color mice with paint puddles (each has a small piece of Velcro)

Mice feet swirl in the paint...attach paint swirl pieces, which also have a small piece of Velcro.

The swirling has made a new color! Attach new color to each mouse's feet and puddle.

Wash your feet!

And repeat! My girls spent so much time retelling the story using these story props!

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