Friday, February 10, 2012

Alligator Fun with FREEBIES!

Mac (3) has been learning about the letter "A" this week, so I had to make Izzie (5) some more challenging letter "a" activities too!

Alligator Color Sight Words

Alligator Colors (Black)

Alligator Preposition Activity

I used the illustrated cards with Mac (3) and had Izzie (5) read the simple sentences with the preposition word, then she placed the apple in the correct place in regards to the alligator.

CVC (-at and -an family) Word Matching and Writing Activity

Alligator CVC Words (-At and -An)

Alligator Rhyming

Alligator Rhyming Words

Alligator Chomp: Beginning Sounds and Syllable Counting

Alligator Purse: Counting Change

Alligator Purse Counting Change

Both girls loved reading "The Lady With The Alligator Purse" and after reading about 50 times, they now have the entire book memorized, as do I (yay!).

Chomp over to Preschool Corner to see more weekly activities!


  1. I LOVE this!! Thank you:) I just downloaded it and will be using it tomorrow with Audrey! So cute and we just love this book!

  2. Hello these are absolutely wonderful. Is it possible to get the patterns from you for all the alligator stuff.I don't know if you know that scribed only let's them be free for a very short time then they charge a fee for downloading. Which I wouldn't have a problem with if I knew it went to you the creator.I stopped using scribed for this reason and I now use google docs. We are working on the letter A this week and these would be a wonderful addition to our curriculum. Thank you for sharing your awesome creativity. I will wait for your response. Here is my email if you wish to contact me. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

  3. Teachers Pay Teachers is another site where you can offer your work for free or for a small fee to others. And the fees go directly to the teacher who did the work!


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