Sunday, November 25, 2012


I was in the process of writing a few new posts and adding pictures to those posts, when this pops up...
Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos.

Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota.

Does this mean that I have to "purchase" more space?  Is Blogger no longer "free"?
Has this happened to any of you? 
 Any information is greatly appreciated!  


  1. YES! This happened to me too...and my friend. I hope this is not a scam because I gave in and decided to pay the monthly fee. I don't want to give up my blog and I didn't see any other alternate choice!

  2. I guess it is true, (I googled it)although I have not as yet run into this problem. One thing I do is always resize my photos for the web, that way they are MUCH smaller than the 8Meg when I take them. They usually come out to be less than 100KB. I use Adobe Lightroom, but many other programs can do this also. Sorry to hear is expensive to pay for it?

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