Thursday, October 22, 2009

stART: Adam and Eve

We've all been under the weather this week, so we've had a very relaxed school week. For our stART project this week, we read the story of Adam and Eve from our Read and Share Bible.

Izzie colored story pages from here.

Izzie separated her animals from Little People A to Z Learning Zoo into three different living environments...water, land, and air. She had a really fun time with this activity and repeated it several times this week! It was her favorite shelf activity for the week.

Izzie made the sneaky old snake from the story. I found this idea from Live, Learn, Love.

Izzie is in her pajamas in all these pictures (funny), but we normally do Bible Study after breakfast and before she gets dressed for the day.

To see more stART projects, head over to A Mommy's Adventures.


  1. So cute, I did a few of those activities with my Sunday School class. I loved the sneaky snake one!! Thank you for linking up :0)

  2. I like that you did so much to go with the story :)

  3. Great activities! I will have to check out that book!

  4. Very cute, and thanks for the link!

    (I'm just wasting time on the computer...thank you for the prayers. No changes. I'll post when there are.)

  5. What great ideas to reinforce the story. I love the sneaky snake!

  6. Great activities to complement a Biblical story. The land, air and water separation activity is a great idea - a playful introduction into set theory (just kidding)

  7. I love every single one of these activities. You are making it very hard for me to wait till our planned week for Creation. I feel like we've got so many things going on right now... I may just have to rethink that. I am totally in awe of the idea about separating the zoo animals with the colored papers - brilliant! We have that zoo, so we'll definitely do that! Thank you!


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