Friday, October 30, 2009

stART: Go Away Big Green Monster!

We read, Go Away, Big Green Monster!, for our stART project this week.

This was Izzie's first time reading this book, I was a little uncertain at first about reading it to her. She isn't afraid of anything at this age, so I wasn't sure how she would handle a "monster", but she didn't seem to mind...she giggled each time we read it.

On morning, as I read the story, Izzie created a lower-case "m" monster.

Izzie also had a great time using her Dot markers on the Big Green Monster.

I found the face template and dot marker page here, which has a lot more activities to incorporate with the book.

For more staART projects, jump over to A Mommy's Adventures.


  1. A wonderful book and project! First time when we read this book, Anna was not a big fan, but she warmed up to it later. Izzy's M monster is super cute!

  2. My kids didn't exhibit any fear when reading the book either. My little guy really liked pointing out all the face parts. We reviewed this book a few weeks ago if you are interested in learning more about what I had to say.

  3. I love the monster activities :) the lower case m came out great!!!

  4. Her little monster is so cute! M has a hard time with any story slightly scary or spooky. We just read the Three Billy Goats Gruff and he can't stop asking questions about the troll and why would anyone want to be mean like that... and on and on. I like this book, wish I could share it with him! Maybe in a few months.

  5. This is one of Emily's favorite books she actually cries each time we have to return it to the library. I love your monster projects!!! Thank you for linking up :0)

  6. I love the "m" monster, and the book looks great - it's a new one to us.


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