Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phonics: Letter I

The letter of the week is "I", so Izzie has been learning the difference between the short i and long i sounds. She has known the short i sound for awhile (thanks to the wonderful Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD....a must have); however, she was just introduced to the long i sound. I was a little concern that she would be confused that letter "I" made two different sounds, but she really caught on quicker than I thought.

We practiced that the short i sounds like "Indian" and the long i sounds like "ice cream". Then, she would say the flashcard picture and decide whether it sounded like the "i" sound as in Indian or as in ice cream. The top cards (Indian and ice cream) are from ABeka, but you can download the flashcards here.

So, to celebrate the different sounds of letter I....

Izzie created the capital letter cream cone.

And, the lower case letter i...inchworm.

Capital letter inspiration from No Time For Flashcards and lower case letter inspiration from Totally Tots.

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