Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sorting Shapes

Quick and simple way to review shapes...

I found these little white bags at Michael's, then simply drew the desired shapes on the front.
I gave Izzie a handful of foam shapes and she went to town!

I am excited to find more uses for the bags...colors, numbers, oh...the list can go on forever!


  1. ooooh I love these! So colorful!
    I did a post about paper bag sorting also with some other ideas in case your guys get addicted to sorting like B is over here! =)

  2. Oh yeah, here is the link....that is what happens when I try to multitask =)

  3. These shapes sorting bags are adorable. Your so creative. I have to make a set of these 2. Hope you don't mind me doing that. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Lisa:)


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