Monday, September 19, 2011

Balancing Act

I found a balance at a used curriculum sale for $2! Izzie has been so fascinated with it! To introduce the concept, we read the book Balancing Act, which is perfect to teach little ones the concept of balancing! I added some farm animal counters and was thrilled to watch Izzie manipulate the balance and practice the concept!

Review from This deceptively simple and creative book is loaded with fun. Two adorable mice create a teeter-totter using a stick balanced on a rock. A salamander joins one side, creating an imbalance, but then another one of equal weight joins the other mouse, and all is in order–until it happens again with a frog and a bird. Readers might be fooled into thinking that this is just a concept book, but Walsh gives them so much more, including a twist in the ending. Observant children will want to converse about animal and color identification, as well as why the actions and reactions of the animals are creating balances/imbalances on the teeter-totter. The delightful illustrations were done using cut-paper collage and then splattered with acrylic paints. A rock at the middle of the teeter-totter is cleverly placed in the gutter, creating eye-catching spreads with lots of white space and spare text.

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