Saturday, September 10, 2011

Going On A Treasure Hunt! Pirates/Day 2

The book of the day was This Little Pirate, which my girls really enjoyed!

Description from In a playful take on the popular finger-rhyme "This Little Piggy," two groups of piggy pirates, five on each side, fight for a big box they find on a desert island until they are so pooped that they make a truce, open the box together, and party with the food, musical instruments, and other stuff they find inside. Walrod's colorful collages join with Sturges' mischievous rhyme in a story of adventure, mayhem, and play ("Then this spunky pirate showed her muscle, / and this nasty pirate said 'Yuck!'"). The funny, physical words lend themselves to repeated read-alouds, and preschoolers will discover fresh detail every time they look at the lively double-page spreads filled with dressed-up pigs--first in nasty standoffs, then happy together.

Warm-Up Activity: Pirate Color By Number

Letter Assessment Activities: Placed gold coins with capital letters in treasure chest. Izzie found the treasure coins, identified it's matching lowercase letter on handout, then dotted it, using a dot marker!

Treasure Map dot-to-dot.

Pirate Letter Identification game by The Mailbox.

Letter C sound activity. Izzie colored the coins that had the beginning sound "c", then cut and paste those coins into the treasure chest!

Mac enjoyed scooping out and hiding her gold coins in the sensory bin!

The highlight of the day was the TREASURE CHEST HUNT!

I found these adorable treasure chests at Michael's on clearance for only 99 cents! Yes, I grabbed the last two off the shelf! Perfect find for our theme! Treasure inside included these pirate foam necklace kits (clearance for 33 cents each) and pirate coloring sheets (again, on clearance for only 33 cents for the entire pack)!

Treasure maps of the backyard! Everything is ready!

So, where are my little pirates?

Here they are! Ready to find the treasure!

Examining the map. Looks like it says to head to the butterfly bush, first!

No, treasure here!

Off to the swingset...

Again, no treasure!

Taking a closer look at the map and spotting the big red "X"!

Treasure found under the sandbox!

Checking out the loot!

My girls love reading maps! It started this summer at the zoo, where they each received a map of the zoo. The were so entertained by the map! They loved figuring out where all the animals were located and which path we should take to get to them!

So, this treasure hunt was a HUGE hit! They played with their treasure maps for several days inside and outside...hiding their own treasure chest and having the other one find it!

Let's decorate the treasure chests! With princess stickers, of course!

Now, time to make our pirate necklaces! Because every pirate needs some jewels!

After lunch, it was time to relax with fun pirate games on the computer. My girls just started watching the show, Jake And The Neverland Pirates, on Disney. So, they really enjoyed playing the Jake and The Neverland Pirates' games on-line!

They also had a blast dancing to all the different songs on the website!

And, coloring several Jake and The Neverland Pirates coloring sheets!

Math Activities:

Patterning strips from 2 Teaching Mommies.

A measuring activity (idea was from The Mailbox Magazine, June/July 2004)

I printed out each jewel on color cardstock, wrote each family member name on one, then using yarn, we measured each person, cut and taped our length yarn on our jewel...make sense? So, now we each could go around the house and compare our height to other objects. Izzie enjoyed the activity, Mac...not so much!

Izzie, "Look, I'm taller than the window-shelf!"

Izzie, "I'm shorter than the art easel!"

Izzie, "I'm the same size as my workboxes!"

Here's a simple handout that I created to go along with this activity.

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Please, be sure to check out Two Teaching Mommies and Making Learning Fun for more amazing pirate ideas!

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