Friday, December 9, 2011

Simple Spider Craft

The girls and I love going to the library each week! The girls meet friends, attend storytime, make a quick and simple craft, then play in the children's section....while, mama gets a little adult conversation time! We spend the entire afternoon there and we look forward to it, every week!

This particular week, the librarian read several books about spiders! It worked out well because the girls had been learning about spiders too! The crafts are always super simple and quick, which is nice! This week, they took a paper plate, which had already been hole punched around the edge and they weaved yarn back and forth to make a web. Finally, they added a BIG spider in the center! Super easy and super cute!

So, what do I do with these weekly library crafts??

They get added to our collection on the bulletin board in our kitchen!

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