Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tot School: Spiders

**For those of you, who were LOST fans, you're going to love the next few weeks here on my blog! I'm behind, about a month behind on posts. So, this month, I'll be catching up on older posts (aka Lost 1976) and present day. So, please don't get confused that today you're reading about Halloween and tomorrow about Christmas! Enjoy the chaos!**

The book of the week was "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider", which is a favorite!

Mac loves signing the song, and she loved acting of the rhyme with the story props!

Shelf activities for the week...

1. Matching spider shapes to the correct web shape. Activity from Kids Soup.

2. Stamping (wooden stamps and Melissa and Doug stamp pad).

3. Matching color clothespins to correct color spider. I simply found a spider clip art that I liked and printed on color cardstock. This is a great fine motor skill. Mac still has a difficult time attaching the clothespins to the cardstock.

4. Placing/counting ghost erasers in the ice cube tray (both found at Target on Dollar aisle).

5. Melissa and Doug shape puzzle (cute little green spider bucket was a dollar aisle find at Target!)

6. Spider counting mats with erasers. Mac is counting objects, so this is a great review!

Other activities included:

A lot of coloring! Mac is really into coloring right now!

Potato heads are an everyday favorite! Great for fine motor skills.

She dressed her stuffed animals with potato head glasses!

Pretend play with the wooden barn and animals...another everyday favorite!

She had fun decorating pumpkins!

Favorite picture of the week....

Be sure to stop by 1+1+1=1 for more Tot School ideas!

Tot School

Mac was 33 months old.


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