Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday...Apple Crafts!

Last year, the girls worked on a Bible Timeline notebook.  They created these apple crafts while learning about Adam and Eve.


 They started out with a painted canvas.  I learned this blending shade technique when my husband and I attended a date night at our local art gallery! 

 I found an apple template that I liked and traced it onto the canvas. 

 Then, using Tacky Glue, the girls outlined the apple with ribbon. 

On to the decorating with buttons and glitter! 

They topped the apples off with some leftover Christmas decorations. 

I love the way each apple turned out! 

In addition, they completed an apple tree page for their Bible Timeline notebook, using pencil erasers and a red stamp pad to make the apples.  

Lastly, they made a paper collage apple for their Bible Timeline notebook. 

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