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TOS Review: God's World News

God's World News publishes age-appropriate magazines for children in order to help them grow in their faith and their understanding of the world around them.  There are six levels from Pre-K to highschool.  Each age-level magazine contains world events, science topics, historical events, and information about people and places from around the world in a Christian context.


  We received a one-year subscription to Early Edition.

 Recommended Age: 1st and 2nd grades 

Price: $28


What's included in the one-year subscription of Early Edition?

God's World News, Early Edition
  • 10 full-color issues, one magazine each month, except for December and May. 
God's World News, Early Edition
  • Each magazine contains 24 pages of age-appropriate stories that combine the latest news information with a biblical perspective.  Izzie, 7 years old, was intrigued about the Chincoeague wild ponies!  Each year, the ponies swim from the island of Assateague to the shore of Virginia. 
God's World News, Early Edition
  • In addition to world events, there are a variety of historical events.  In the October edition, there is an article referencing Columbus Day, which talks about Christopher Columbus and his journey to the new world.
God's World News, Early Edition
  •  Izzie really enjoyed learning about the different science topics within each magazine.  She couldn't believe that scientists have figured out how to copy butterfly wings in order to stop people from creating fake money! 
God's World News, Early Edition
  • Each magazine also contains a variety of fun and engaging puzzles to encourage alphabet, number, sequence, and other age-appropriate skills.  

  • A full-sized (20" x 30") world map was included with the September issue.  
God's World News, World Map

  • The world map can be used with the MAP-IT! locator maps found within each magazine.  Izzie was very interested in learning about the different people and places from around the world.  She was very curious about where the people lived and enjoyed finding their location on the world map.
God's World News, Early Edition
  • In addition to the physical magazines, there are on-line biographies and topical lessons available to download and print, including quizzes and answer keys.  
  • I really enjoyed having access to the children's website, which contains additional stories and colorful photos, plus downloadable activity sheets. 
  • Lastly, there is a weekly e-mail newsletter for parents, containing answer keys to the quizzes and puzzles found within the magazines. 


What did I like about Early Edition?
  •  The monthly issues are in full-color with a lot of visuals, which really captured Izzie's attention.  She loved flipping through each magazine just to look at the pictures!    
  • The magazines are written in a large text which is perfect for beginning readers. 
  • All contents, stories and activities, are age-appropriate.
  • Throughout the magazine, the information was presented with a biblical perspective. 
  • It was convenient to have access to the online content to help enhance discussions about the topics presented. 
  • Izzie really enjoyed locating the featured countries on the included world map.  
  • The enrichment activities were fun and engaging.  


In conclusion, Early Edition has been a great way to present global news to Izzie.  I really appreciate that the articles are written on her age-level and contain a biblical perspective.

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