Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here!! So, to celebrate, I sat down with Izzie and we came up with our Summer Bucket List...

We go to the beach with family every summer and this is the first summer that Izzie is anticipating the trip. She talks about the beach everyday, at least a hundred times a day. She was super excited to put build a sand castle and find seashells at the top of the list! We hung the list on the refrigerator and can't wait to start checking off our activities.

Did I mention that Mac is included in the fun too?

Blowing bubbles....check!

I was inspired to make a Summer Bucket List after seeing The Shafer's Family Bucket List.


  1. Great list! I posted ours today too.

  2. I have a bucket list too and we're also going to the beach with family...let's just hope we make it there before the oil does!


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