Friday, February 4, 2011

January Coupons...

I'm a huge fan of coupons! I'm nowhere near as good as the people on Extreme Couponing, but I'm always excited when I SAVE money! I really wanted to start keeping a record on my savings...I even took the pictures, but completely forgot to write down the exact totals...we shred our receipts, monthly, so they are already in the recycling bin in a million pieces...thanks to hubby!

I thought I would share the pictures and an approximate total.

January 2011: Harris Teeter...on this particular week it was Super Double Coupon week, meaning coupons could be doubled up to a $1.98 in value!!

Harris Teeter does a Meal Deal each week. This particular week, if you bought 2 Prego sauces, you received a Parmesan cheese, pasta noodles, soda, and toast...FREE!!
That's right....all of it FREE for just buying 2 Prego sauces!

All the above food (3 pictures) for approximately $35.

Again, the following picture is from Harris Teeter. I always pay for my food and nonfood items separately.

Approximate cost was $30. The best deals: I only paid $1 for each of the Johnson and Johnson baby wash/lotion and the Arm and Hammer detergent was buy one, get one FREE!

The following was purchased at Kroger in January for approximately $45.

I would love to know your secrets to saving money!

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