Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yard Sale Finds!

My latest I love this time of year!

 I have no will power when I see books, especially good books!   I couldn't resist...they were only 50 cents each!  If you haven't read these, they are a must! 

Wooden puzzles...$1 each. 

This puzzle book for just $1.  There are 6 different puzzles representing different biomes. 

A crazy massive amount of Polly Pocket junk accessories for $3.  Do you see all those itsy bitsy pieces in the bucket that will soon be inside my vacuum cleaner?  However, the girls played with these all afternoon without a peep!  

Mr. Potato family for $3.  These were on my summer shopping list for Coop this fall!  I was hoping to find enough potato heads for each child in class!  I now have a total of 9...goal achieved!

These are two of my favorite games!!  I can't believe I found them for only $1 each! 

These are so much fun!! 

Finally, some clothes for Izzie! 

 Gymboree shirts for only 25 cents each! 

 Adorable Gymboree dress for $1. 

 All 7 pieces above were 50 cents each!

 Cute 3-piece outfit for $1.  

One happy camper with my finds from the weekend!  

Total spent:  $19.75

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