Wednesday, July 25, 2012

North Carolina Zoo

The girls love stopping by the North Carolina Zoo on the way to the beach. I'm thrilled that they love seeing all the animals as much as I do! 

 There are two continents to choose from, North America and Africa.  We asked the girls a silly question of which one to go to first...they are in love with Simba from The Lion King, so it was a quick answer! 

 Notice that Izzie has Simba and Mac has Nala.

Ready for their Safari adventure...

Mesmerized by all the animals!

Mac searching for Pumbaa, the warthog from The Lion King!  
Did I mention that they are huge Lion King fans?

Pumbaa and a friend!

The climax of the adventure....seeing Simba and Nala....sleeping!

The girls were a little disappointed that Simba and Nala weren't talking and playing!  Mac couldn't understand why she couldn't give them a big hug and play with them!

She settled for a picture with Simba and Nala. 

 Investigating Pride Rock! 

They had the best time interacting with the lion statues!  They played and played!
After dragging them from the lion exhibit, we continued our adventure...

 The girls had so much fun watching the baby Chimp play! Again, Mac wanted inside to play with the Chimps!  Maybe, she'll be a Zoo Keeper!

Giving hugs and kisses to the baby chimp! 

Elephants are my favorite!  The girls weren't thrilled to see the elephants...they were too far away to really "see" them...however, they had a great time playing with all the props!

This year's picture on the rhino...


 Last year's picture...

After seeing all the animals from Africa, we headed along the loooong path to North America.  Did I mention it was 100 degrees with a heat index of 115.  Yeah, it was hot and sweaty!

Thankfully, between the two continents was a little area for the girls to play and for us to relax!

 North America...

Carefully, observing the huge bear eat!

 Looking for gators in the swamp!

Jumping like frogs...

Izzie insisted on taking her picture on the stump...

Izzie at 5 years old.

Izzie at 10 months old on same stump!

We had a fabulous time at the zoo!  Already, looking forward to next year's visit!

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