Monday, June 22, 2009

Here Are My Hands

We checked out another book on our 100 Books To Read Before Kindergarten list.

A couple of months ago, I printed off these ABC Exercise cards for Izzie from Homeschool Share. She wasn't interested in them until after reading, "Here Are My Hands". She has most of the cards memorized and is having so much fun doing what each letter requests her to do.

Izzie's favorites: push-ups and jumping over a pillow.


  1. Thanks for the list of 100 books to read. I am always trying to find more gems for Anna. I will add it to my "reading ideas" folder. Izzy looks very cute doing push-ups - how fun.

  2. How fun! My LO would love this! You share such good ideas.

  3. Has your layout changed? Very cute! Or maybe I just have new eyes today.

    Meghan is very physical, too. She loves to jump and do somersaults...haven't tried push ups yet.

    What made the cards desirable after the book?

  4. Thanks for the idea. My daughter will love this! Also I am excited for the list of books. I never know what to get at the library-this will provide some direction.


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