Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkeys On Bed and In Tree

I made these Monkeys Jumping On The Puppets for Izzie a few weeks ago; however, she did not enjoying playing with them. So, I decided to recycle them. I got my inspiration from here.

Izzie is having more fun playing with the monkeys this way. She loves being able to attach and detach the monkeys. She is enjoying counting the monkeys on the bed and attaching the correct number. In addition, we're using this rhyme to work on her speech; she is filling in the blank for bed, head, doctor, no-no, and numbers 1-5.

The monkeys and numbers are attached by using Velcro.

Izzie was having so much fun with Monkeys On The Bed that I decided to make another one for Monkeys In A Tree. We are using the same monkeys and numbers. I got the tree and crocodile clipart from here.

Again, this is great to help her speech. She is filling in the blanks for tree, me, snap, no, and numbers 1-5.


  1. This is a great idea. Now if only I can get in gear and finish a craft...whether for me or for her! I have three or more started!

  2. FYI I have been having trouble commenting. I have to do the word verification twice. When I was having problems with my comments, it was suggested that I change the format of how they appear. It helped!

    If I already told you this, I'm sorry...I know I did tell another friend recently, but I don't think it was you.

  3. What a great idea. My LO loves those songs and I'm sure she would love this activity as well.

  4. This looks like a great project - we had something similar done on felt board. Anna didn't enjoy it when my husband made it, but now she is older, so it makes sense to try again. Thanks for reminding me!


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