Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Day 3: Noah's Ark

The girls are really enjoying our nightly Advent activities! This evening, they were ready to roll right after dinner...Izzie grabbed the Bible binder and Mac got the Bible!

After reading about Noah's Ark, we placed our special ornament, The Ark, on our Jesse Tree.

Izzie colored a Noah's Ark page...found here.

Then, she retold us the story using her sequence cards.

I found this adorable Noah's Ark skipping counting activity. Izzie had fun lining the animals up in the correct order to get on the ark!

This was also a great review for her Skipping Counting by 2's song!

In addition, she completed this Noah's Ark file folder game.

She had to sort the animals...she did very well with this activity with my simple explanations. I told her that mammals have hair, birds have feathers, and reptiles have neither.

However, she was confused about why a bat is a mammal...

Izzie: "Mommy, bats don't have hair! They have wings, so a bat is a bird."

Me: "Bats do have wings, but they don't have feathers...they actually have body hair."

Izzie: "Ummm"....(I don't think I convinced her!)

The whale also gave her problems.

Izzie: "A whale is a fish. Where do fish go?"

Me: "That's a tricky one! Whales are mammals."

Izzie: "Whales don't have hair, that's silly! A whale is a fish!"

Me: "Nope, whales really do have body hair, so they are mammals too."

Izzie: "Ummm"...(again, not convinced!)

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  1. Great activities :-) It looks like your beautiful girls are LOVING it!
    Michelle (Musings of Me)


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