Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raising Rock Stars: Noah's Ark

This week, the girls are learning about Noah's Ark. Each morning, we have been reading the Noah's Ark story out of their Read and Share Bible. Then, Izzie uses her story cards to retell the story, while using her felt board pieces too.

I laminated and attached the story cards to a ring.

Izzie making felt board pieces...

Coloring Noah (I'm not sure why she insisted on him having purple skin).

Helping Noah build the Ark. She also colored several animals, 2 of each.

Noah's Ark with animals on felt board, watching it rain...I found the raindrops and an adorable song that we sing as Izzie places the raindrops on at ChildCareLand.

To create the rainbow, Izzie completed the Color A Rainbow Dice game.




The completed Felt board.

Izzie is loving being able to retell Noah's Ark story, using her story cards and felt board pieces! It's been raining this week, perfect weather for our story and on Monday we even saw a rainbow!

In addition, Izzie has been practicing her writing skills by helping the animals on the ark with this cute tracing page.

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  1. What great ideas! We've been talking about Noah and the Ark too and I would LOVE to do some of these activities with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the felt board. Great ideas!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have great ideas and I've enjoyed reading yours! I'm going to start following you!

  4. You chose such cute things to go with the story! And, totally unrealated, I love your desk.


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