Saturday, January 26, 2013

Preschool: Letter "M" Activities

This week, Mac has been learning all about the letter "M" and reading a ton of monkey books! 

She completed several activities from this preschool pack.  


 She's really enjoying the student worksheets from My Father's World. The worksheets do a great job  reinforcing the letter sound and she loves that scissors and glue are needed! 


This week, one of the worksheets included last week's letter "s" and the current letter "m" was a great review!

More letter "M" activities to go along with My Father's World. 

This week in All About Reading, she continued to practice her rhyming skills.  

She created two more adorable letter crafts to include in her Alphabet Notebook. 






Her favorite books this week included: 

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed board book 

 She really enjoyed watching the variety of videos based on the book!  Here's one of her favorites...



Other activities included...

 Helping Izzie with her Reading! 

 Playing with friends at Coop. 

 Creating an adorable snowman in Messy Class! 

And of course, dressing up as an angel by wearing the clearance tree skirt I found at Target!

We finally were able to celebrate Christmas with the Grandparents!  The girls were thrilled to visit with them!

 Mac was super excited to receive the Batcave! 

As I'm scrolling through this post, I notice one accessory that Mac is wearing in almost EVERY picture!  Did you notice too?  

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