Friday, January 18, 2013

Preschool: Letter S

Mac officially began Preschool this week!  I can't believe she's going to be 4 in a few weeks (insert tears).  

She'll be using My Father's World: Kindergarten, focusing on phonics.  I intend to repeat the curriculum with her in the fall, when she'll complete all the components.  

 Coloring letter "s" sound cards.

Sound discrimination coloring page for letter "s".

Letter "s" cut and paste activity.  

 I found the following amazing resources to correspond with My Father's World via a MFW Yahoo Group!

 Letter "s" play-doh mat, handwriting tracing sheet, and missing number activity. 

Instead of cutting out the numbers at the bottom, she used her Melissa and Doug puzzle to fill in the missing numbers.  

In addition, she'll be using All About Reading: Pre-Reading curriculum.  

She has really enjoyed the simple stories in the two included books.  Here she's concentrating on rhyming words. 

Cut and paste sound discrimination activity. 

I absolutely ADORE the letter crafts in this program!  

Capital "S" craft...

Coloring her skunk, then painting a white line down it's back, just like writing the letter "s".

Super Cute! 

Lowercase "s" craft...


Using stamps to create the flowers.  

After seeing these adorable crafts, they had to be kept!  So, we're pasting them to cardstock and creating an alphabet notebook.  

Furthermore, she completed several activities from this Letter S Preschool Pack. 

Letter "s" sorting.

Matching color scarves to correct snowman.

Snowman Sizing

Number Counting Clip Cards

Her favorite activity was placing the correct number of marshmallows on each snowman, after arranging them in the correct numerical order.  She then got to eat all the marshmallows! 

Counting marshmallows for each snowman.  

Other fun activities this week, included...

 Returning to Co-op

She really enjoyed staying in the "big girl" class and helping make volcanoes!


In her preschool class, her favorite part of the day was playing balloon volleyball.


The girls are really enjoying listening to books on tape these days!  This week they listened to Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  Our library has a fabulous selection of books on cassette only took me a few months to track down a cassette player! 

These come in handy when I'm making lunch or tidying up around the house! 

Favorite photo of the week...

Mac and her dolly in matching ponchos and hats! 


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  1. SO much fun! I still cannot find a decently priced cassette player so I'm envious.


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