Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Reading Program!

We are very blessed to have an amazing library!  The staff is phenomenal, the atmosphere is very child-friendly and the programs throughout the year are outstanding! 

This summer we are Digging Into Reading!  

We have set our family's summer reading goals:

Izzie will read at least 2 chapter books or 6 hours each week.  She's been waiting patiently for Magic Tree House #49 to arrive at our local library.  She's a huge fan and was able to read the first 48 books in the series last year within a six-month period!  She finished last summer and has been waiting and waiting for the latest book.  It finally arrived and she read it within 2 days!  Now, the waiting begins for Magic Tree House #50, which is scheduled to be released in July.  

She has been reading books from several different series, but none compare to the Magic Tree House series!   We are still searching for the next series that she'll love as much as the Magic Tree House books!  Please share ANY suggestions!  

Mac will continue to read picture books.  Her goal is 25 books or 6 hours each week. 

Summer Reading Program: Dig Into Reading!
Each week throughout the summer, our library will sponsor "Dig into Spectacular Thursdays."  This week the theme was "Digging Up Fossils."   Unfortunately, it's only for children 6-10.  Mac was very disappointment that she couldn't participate in the activities.  Thankfully, our library has computers, toys, and an outside playground to keep her distracted! 

Izzie had fun with friends creating her own fossil as well as digging for fossils!  

Next week, it's all about "Digging up Dinosaurs!" 

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