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TOS Review: Birdcage Press

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Our family loves playing games together!  We have a family game night, every night!  So, I'm always searching for high-quality, educational games. I literally squealed in excitement the first time I saw the items from  Birdcage Press.  

Founder of Birdcage Press and mother of three, Dr. Wenda O'Reilly, first began creating educational games for her own children in order to make learning more fun. Currently, Birdcage Press publishes a variety of award-winning games that make history, nature and art enjoyable for the entire family!  


We had the opportunity to review Art Ditto

Recommended Age: 4+ years old

Price: $24.95


Dr. O'Reilly updated the classic game of Memory, when she created Art Ditto.  Memory games have always been a favorite for my girls, ages 6 and 4, so they were excited to play.  

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto

Art Ditto contains a total of 48 high quality tile cards, each with a vibrant museum-quality art reproduction.  Izzie and Mac had a lot of fun playing the traditional memory game.  However, they were more intrigued by the stunning artwork and quickly started picking out which ones were their favorites. 

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto: Tile Cards

 Afterward, I introduced them to the eight large art-collecting cards, which are also included in Art Ditto.  When the art-collecting cards are used, the game is still played like Memory; however, each player is trying to locate the art on their art-collecting cards.  

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto
  These oversized, double-sided art-collecting cards are very well constructed and each card represents a different category: birds, boats, cats, fruit, horses, flowers, music and tigers.  Each categorical art-collecting card contains three works of art, each from a different artist.  It was very beneficial that the girls were able to see how the three different artists painted a particular subject.  

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto: Art-Collecting Cards

 The front of the art-collecting cards shows a particular detail from the painting.  In addition, underneath each artwork, there are words to describe the art in four different languages.   

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto: Front of Art-Collecting Cards

On the back of each art-collecting card, the full works of art can be seen, as well as, who painted what and when. 

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto: Back of Art-Collecting Cards


 In conclusion, my girls loved playing Art Ditto.  They were captivated by the beauty of the artwork.  I appreciated the high-quality construction and added educational value!

Birdcage Press, Art Ditto


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  1. sounds like a game my lad would enjoy as well. :)

    annette @ A Net In Time

  2. Love all those pretty birds! Sure does sound like a fun game!
    -Jana @ bird cages


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