Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yard Sale Finds!

Unfortunately, I haven't been to many yard sales this summer.  However, yesterday we were in town, so the girls and I decided to stop at a few sales.   

Last weekend, we picked up our newest family member, Lincoln, an 8-week old boxer puppy.  The girls and I have been shopping for puppy toys, but they are super expensive at the pet stores.  So, when I saw a basket full of baby teething toys for only 25 cents each, I thought they would make perfect toys for Lincoln! 

Baby Toys for Lincoln, $1.50

He has had the BEST time with these toys! 

 We shopped around at a few more with no luck of finding anything.  However, our last yard sale of the morning was the JACKPOT!  Izzie has been wishing for an American Girl doll.  She and Mac received the Itty Bitty Twins for Christmas last year, but she has been begging for a "big girl" American Girl for months.  We've been telling her that she must save up her money and possibly she would have enough money saved to purchase a doll for her birthday.  However, it's so hard to justify spending $110 on a doll!  

 Thankfully, she will not be spending that much money on an American Girl doll!  We snatched up the American Girl doll, Amber, for only $10.  Whoosh!!  SCORE! 

Izzie was thrilled with the find.  Honestly, I didn't even recognize that it was an American Girl doll and walked right passed it!  Thankfully, Izzie and her "eyes" were with me! 

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