Friday, August 23, 2013

School Room 2013-2014

This will be our third year homeschooling, as we started at the beginning with preschool.  At the beginning, I was determined to have an "official" schoolroom.  I spent the entire summer converting our garage into the schoolroom.  I was thrilled with it!  Each little area had it's own function.  Izzie roamed around from station to station completing her daily assignments.  I sat at my desk and watched her and when she needed help, she would come to my desk and I would help.  It modeled school, the type of school I was accustomed too.  

We continued this way until it became too cold to work in the schoolroom.  That winter we spent a lot of time at the dining room table or snuggled up on the couch.  I actually enjoyed the more intimate setting a lot better.   It was simple.  It was cozy.  It was nice having Izzie beside me.  We completely forgot about the schoolroom.  That was until the following summer.  Again, I decided I needed the schoolroom.  I liked having a designated space for all the school stuff, instead of having it scattered around the dining room and living room.  And, it didn't help seeing all the amazing schoolrooms floating around on Pinterest.  So, once again, we spent the summer reorganizing the garage, as it had become a messy storage area during the winter months. 

 The story continued...we stayed in the schoolroom until it became too cold, then we moved back to the dining room table.  Again, it was so much better.  I felt so much closer to the girls. Yes, the random clusters of school supplies scattered around, did drive me a little crazy, and this wasn't my original vision of our "dream" homeschool was better!  

So, this summer....the story ended.  The schoolroom, which we now officially refer to as the garage is a mess once again and it will probably stay that way because I have no intention of cleaning and reorganizing it to become the schoolroom.  We have created our own vision of what our homeschooling schoolroom should look like...  introducing our schoolroom for 2013-2014.


Simple, cozy, absolute perfection for our family!

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