Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Curriculum 2013-2014


After months of researching and tackling our state's homeschool convention, I'm finally satisfied with our curriculum choices for the upcoming school year!  


First Grade

  • Core: Memoria Press first grade curriculum.  We tend to lean more toward an eclectic, classical loving homeschooling family.  After drooling over the Memoria Press curriculum, I finally broke down and bought it! 

First Grade Curriculum
  • Izzie loves Math.  I allow her to work through the workbooks at her own pace.  If she finishes one level, she starts another.  She has completed the Kindergarten Level, Level 1, and Level 2 for Horizons.  This year she'll be starting Horizons, Level 3.  She has also completed Singapore Math levels: kindergarden, first, and second.  Did I mention, she loves math?!  After a lot of thought, I decided to no longer use both curriculum...this year, she'll only use Horizons. 

Horizons Math, Grade 3, Complete Set   -


Biology For The Grammar Stage Printed Combo

  • She will continue working through School Song Spanish.  We were fortunate to review this curriculum last year and my girls loved it! 




  • Core:  Memoria Press Jr. Kindergarten curriculum.  For Izzie, I would always cut and paste together her prechool curriculum from various blogs.  This year, I decided to take an easier, less time consuming route! 

Junior Kindergarten Curriculum

I will be supplementing with:


 Saxon Math K, Home Study Kit   -     
        By: Saxon

 Exploring Science Printed Combo


 As a family, the girls will be completing the following:


  • While traveling around the world, the girls will be creating masterpieces from Global Art.  We reviewed this book over the summer and it was a huge hit! 


Curious to know what other families are using?  Grab a cup of coffee and hop over to iHomeschool Network

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  1. I was just commenting on someone elses blog how much I love the looks of Memoria Press' curriculum! I enjoy using their catalog (and the Veritas Press catalog too) as a resource!! Looks like a great year!


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