Sunday, September 15, 2013

Homemade Accessories for American Girl Dolls

My girls are obsessed with American Girl.  So, it only made sense that Izzie wanted a McKenna gymnastics birthday party! 

For the party favors, I decided to make hula hoops and ribbon wands because every little gymnast needs accessories! 

I headed to our local Dollar Tree and loaded up on the extra long glow necklaces. 


I found a variety of duct-tape at Target in the school supply section.  

After assembling the glow necklaces, I carefully wrapped duct-tape around each of them.  

 Before picture...

After pictures...


 It was such a super simple cute project.  The girls were thrilled with the hula hoops for their dolls! 

The ribbon wands were even easier!  I found the star wands at our local Dollar Tree and simply attached ribbon to the end...voila! 

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