Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday...

I've started to see old pictures surface on Facebook with the title, "Throwback Thursday".  My first thought was this would be a clever way to catch up on old blog posts that never got published!

I have a ton of pictures/ideas that I would love to share on my blog.  However, it doesn't seem appropriate to share Christmas pictures in March or a cute Valentine's Day craft in October!  Well, now it's completely acceptable with "Throwback Thursday"!   

I decided I would start with September 2012 until I'm caught up! 

For our first edition of "Throwback Thursday", we're heading all the way back to Izzie's 6th birthday!  That's right, I just finished blogging about her 7th birthday, but it seems that last year's birthday never made it to the blog! 

It was a "Barbie" theme birthday...

She requested frozen waffles for breakfast.  She made it clear that she didn't like my homemade waffles and preferred the frozen ones!  

She decided that she only wanted to open one gift.  She didn't open her other gifts until after dinner! 

 She was thrilled with her Barbie Walkie-Talkies! 

For dinner, we ate at her favorite restaurant, then headed out for ice-cream!

After dinner and dessert, she continued with her other presents.  

How quickly the time is passing by! I will be forever grateful that I'm able to spend everyday with this sweet, precious, little girl! 

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