Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Read-Aloud Books Update

We are slowly making progress on our First Grade Read-Aloud books.  At the beginning of the year, my goal was to complete one read-aloud book each week.  Unfortunately, some of the books are really long, so it's taking us a little longer and we aren't reading from the read-aloud book every night.  Izzie has never liked to read, but she loves being read too.  However, here recently, she has started wanting to read from her Easy Readers at night.  I love to listen to her read and she's getting much more comfortable reading aloud, so it's worth the compromise!   Here's our complete list and which ones we've completed...

First Grade Read-Aloud Books

1.  Black Beauty (done)

2.  Anne of Green Gables (done)

3.  Anne of Avonlea (done)

4.  The Secret Garden (done)

5.  The Jungle Book (done)

6.  Little House in the Big Woods (done)

7.  Pinocchio (done)

8.  Rumpelstiltzkin from Grimm's Fairy Tales (done)

9.  Alice in Wonderland (done)

10.  Through the Looking Glass (done)

11.  The Frog Prince from Grimm's Fairy Tales (done)

12.  Peter Rabbit (done)

13.  Mary Poppins (done)

14. Mary Poppins Comes Back

15.  Caddie Woodlawn

16.  Charlotte's Web

17.  Davy Crockett, Young Rifleman

18.  Sacagawea: American Pathfinder

19.  The Trumpet of the Swan

20.  The Saturdays

21.  The Railway Children

22.  The Reluctant Dragon

23.  Winnie the Pooh

24.  The House at Pooh Corner

25.  The Light Princess

26.  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

27.  The Velveteen Rabbit

28.  How to Eat Fried Worms

29.  The Happy Hollisters

30.  Pollyanna

31.  The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

32.  A Christmas Carol

33.  Farmer Boy

33.  Little House on the Prairie

34.  All-of-a-Kind Family

35.  The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

36.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

37.  Socks

38.  The Wind in the Willows

39.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

 Here's a list of the kindergarten read-alouds books we completed last year. 

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