Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Letter B

Izzie has a speech delay and has been in Speech Therapy for the last year. She has made some progress, but still isn't at age-level. I've been trying several different techniques with her and she seems to like the "flashcards" the best. However, she does get a little overwhelmed with the flashcards since there are several different sounds at one time, so I decided to focus on one letter each week. This week, we are going to focus on the Letter "B". Izzie has the most success with the letter B, so I thought this would be a good place to start. I printed off simple everyday picture cards and few more challenging ones for her to practice. Each day, we'll spend about 30 minutes repeating/attempting to repeat the different words. I placed the pictures on the felt board, so she has access to them throughout the day. She has been at the felt board several times today by herself...organizing the pictures and even pointing and identifying several of the pictures with words!!

Letter "B" Words Include:
  • bow
  • bus
  • bone
  • bye
  • birthday
  • bread
  • boy
  • bee
  • baby
  • brown
  • big
  • bed
  • bat
  • broken
  • bunny
  • bug
  • blanket
  • butterfly
  • bean
  • black
  • bubbles
  • book
  • ball
  • banana
  • bear
  • balloons
  • bath
  • bird
  • boat
  • blocks
  • bike
  • boot
  • bowl
  • boo boo


  1. that is a great idea!!! good luck! my niece and 2 nephews have speech problems too it can be so frustrating for both parents and kids!

    can't wait to see how it goes!

  2. I love this idea. Where did you find the picture cards?
    How old was Izzie when she was diagnosed with a speech delay? And how did you know? I ask b/c I am concerned about my almost 21 month old. She tries to say quite a few words but is missing a ton of sounds in saying them (like playground is aplound). At what point do I start worrying?

  3. I found the pictures through Microsoft Word online clipart gallery. However, I do have them saved in a Word document that I could e-mail to you. At Izzie's 18-month check-up I was concerned about her speech (she was only saying three words...dada, mama, and teddy) and brought it to the attention of her pediatrician, who told me about the "Early Intervention" program. It's a program that can be found in all states for children 0-3 years old. With a referral from the doc, they came to my house and completed an evaluation on Izzie. The processing time took about 2 months, so she started therapy at 20 months. A speech therapist comes to our house twice a month for a 45 minute session. Izzie will be able to use their services until her third birthday, then she will have to go into the public school system or private therapy. We have tried to increase her therapy with private therapy, but unfortunately our insurance company has denied speech therapy coverage, which is very common with most insurance companies. If you are concern, I would seek advice from your pediatrician and ask about your local Early Intervention program. Izzie's vocabulary has increased in the past year, but many of her words sound the same and most are only recognizable by my husband and me.

  4. Thanks for your comprehensive reply:) Based on what you wrote, I don't think I need to worry about Bear yet - she has lots of words for a 21 month old (although a lot aren't clear yet, is just starting to stick two together (although with a large pause inbetween). We don't live in the States and I don't know if we have intervention programs like that here ("free" ones I mean). It's great that at least you have that. I am going to spend more time asking the pediatrician about her language at her 24 month appointment though.

    If you don't mind sharing the picture cards, I would love if you would email them (juliecerdas at gmail. com) (without spaces and with the symbol instead of the word at.)

  5. We think alike! Did you check out our ABC picture book? Same thing, but yours is nicer! We don't have nearly as long of a word list as you, but it's growing.


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