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TOS Review: LearningPalette.com

My family was given the opportunity to review LearningPalette.com by Learning Wrap-Ups.  

LearningPalette.com is an online math and reading supplement designed for grades K-5.  It is correlated to the Common Core requirements.  

We received a full online family subscription.  The annual cost is $59.99 for 5 students with access to all levels of reading and math. 

LearningPalette.com is currently offering a 20% discount to homeschooling families. The coupon code is "HomeSchool".


What's included in LearningPalette.com?

Once logged on, your student will have the option to choose either Math or Reading by clicking on the top tabs.  There are 6 levels for math, including a Basic Level and Levels 1-5.  Each math level consists of 6 different topics, each having 12 learning palette cards to complete.  There are 4 levels for reading, including a Basic Level and Levels 1-3.  Each reading level has 5 different topics, with 12 learning palette cards to complete.  With math and reading, that's a total of 7,20 questions!


By checking out the demo, you will be able to see all the topics in each level and a sample of the learning palette cards.

In addition, this short video highlights the uses and benefits of LearningPalette.com.


How did we incorporate LearningPalette.com into our homeschool?

Mac, 5 years old, focused mainly on the math portion during the review period.   She began with the Basic Level with the first topic, Numeration Step 1-Matching and Early Numbers.  She started with Card 1 and worked her way through the remaining learning palette cards.  Once a learning palette card is completed, the circle changes to green.

LearningPalette.com, Math-Basic Level
Every card is set up basically the same way.  There is a circular palette in the center, which contains the questions.  On the left hand side, there are 12 color coded disks (6 solid and 6 hollow) that are used to indicate the correct answer by clicking and dragging each disk to the correct spot on the learning palette.

 On Card 1, Mac was asked to match the color coded disks to the correct paint color.  As you can notice, the card is divided in half, with the hollow disks being used on top and the solid disks being used on the bottom.  After clicking and dragging several of the color disks, she got frustrated with the process.  I ended up controlling the mouse, while she would just point to the correct spot.

LearningPalette.com, Math-Basic Level, Concept 1-Card 1

I really like the self-check aspect of the program.  At any time during the clicking and dragging, your student can check his/her answers and change the incorrect ones.  Unfortunately, Mac was not able to use the program independently.  However, she still enjoyed seeing the little green checks to indicate that her responses were correct. 

LearningPalette.com, Math-Basic Level, Concept 1-Card 1, Self-Checking

When the learning palette card is completed, a small box appears with an evaluation indicating completion time and number of correct answers. 

LearningPalette.com, Math-Basic Level, Concept 1-Card 1, Evaluation

Mac found the palette cards that were divided in half or in quarters the easiest to understand.  In the Basic Level on Card 8, she was asked to sequence the events in each quarter. 

LearningPalette.com, Math-Basic Level, Concept 1-Card 8

 However, the cards that were divided into more parts were much more complicated to understand.  In the Basic Level on Card 4, she was asked to determine which set had more and which had less.  

LearningPalette.com, Math-Basic Level, Concept 1-Card 4

Izzie, 7 years old, focused only on the reading portion during the review period.  She began at Level 1 and worked her way through each topic, by completing the 12 learning palette cards.  She was able to work independently throughout the program. 

In Level 1 on Concept 1-Reading Comprehension, Card 1, Izzie was asked to complete the sentences with the correct word.  She was able to read each sentence and choose the correct word, but struggled with matching the correct color disk to the correct word.  There were several times that she would mix up the solid and hollow color disks.  Thankfully, she was able to correct her mistakes by using the self-checking option.  However, this meant her evaluation time was longer than she liked.  She was very obsessed with the time on her evaluation.  I don't think including the completion time is necessary or it would be nice to have the option to remove it. 

LearningPalette.com, Reading-Level 1, Concept 1-Card 1

Izzie preferred the learning palettes that had all the questions in the center, instead of being divided in a specific way.  In Level 1, Concept 2-Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives, Card 2, she was asked to differentiate between singular and plural nouns. 

LearningPalette.com, Reading-Level 1, Concept 2-Card 2

 In addition, the parent can view and print off progress reports.  This would be very beneficial to include in a portfolio, if needed.

LearningPalette.com, Progress Report

What are my final thoughts about LearningPalette.com

1.  I really like that the family subscription includes all levels of math and reading.  It's a nice way to supplement and differentiate all students in the family.

2.  It's extremely convenient that each student in the family has his/her own account; therefore, he/she can work at his/her own pace.

3.  The program is user-friendly and most children are able to work independently.  Younger children may need help with the clicking and dragging of the mouse, but can still answer the questions.   

4.  It's great that there is immediate self-correction, which allows the students to understand and correct errors and evaluate their own progress.

5.  Parents can easily check their students' progress by looking over the progress reports.  If a child needs more practice, they can complete the section, again.


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