Friday, September 9, 2011

ARRRRG! Pirates! Day 1

Arg, Mateys! We've set sailed to Rascal Island to find some buccaneers!

With cute little pirate hats!

And princess shoes!

Before, we started our Pirate Unit, I asked the girls to tell me everything they knew about pirates...these were their answers...

1. Pirates say, Arg! with a swinging arm motion, as they said "Arg!"

2. Then they began singing the Pirates Of The Caribbean song.
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me ...

No, they have never seen this movie or ridden the ride at Disney World. However, they hear this song all the husband loves singing it around the house!

Our book of the day was, How I became A Pirate!

Description from

Young Jeremy Jacob is plucked from obscurity while innocently constructing a sand castle and is thrust into a brand-new life as a pirate. Captain Braid Beard and his crew recognize Jeremy as an exceptionally talented digger and they happen to be in desperate need of a digger to help them bury a treasure chest. Jeremy thinks a pirate life sounds like fun, as long as he’s back the next day in time for soccer practice, and so he goes along with the ragtag group of seafaring thugs (with hearts of gold, naturally). And while Jeremy adores the pirates’ lack of table manners and opposition to vegetables, he comes to realize that a life away from his parents lacks some of the niceties to which he’s become accustomed. Nobody tucks him in at night, for instance, and the only book available to read is a treasure map. Melinda Long’s story, narrated with a sense of boastful exaggeration by Jeremy, is full of a sense of high adventure that's lovingly evocative of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tales. David Shannon's illustrations, full of a goofy vibrancy, are a perfect accompaniment to the story. (Ages 4 to 8)

They were super excited to have Daddy read it to them. He has a really cool pirate voice!

Activities for the day:

Warm-Up Activity: Pirate color by number

Letter Assessment: Lowercase letter gold coins buried in this adorable treasure chest! I found this purple one at a teacher store for only $5.

Izzie scooped out a coin, found it's matching capital letter on the Pirate Letter chest, and then dotted it, using a dot marker (yellow, of course!).

Matching capital letters and lowercase letters. Adorable treasure chest handouts found here!

Following the letter "P" treasure path to the treasure chest! Printout from Kids Soup.

Coloring all pictures that have the beginning letter "p" sound...

to cut and paste inside the treasure chest! Printout found here.

Art: Pirate Ship (Idea from here)

I love this picture...can you see Mac in the background? Yep, she got the glitter!

Math Activities:

Pirate number puzzles numbers 1-10 and 11-20

Reviewed terms most, least, and the same

Measuring Activity...printable and details found here!

Outside Fun!

Digging for gold coins!

Other fun activities:

We had so much fun today...exploring the world of pirates!

Stay tuned for more pirate fun!

Day 2

Day 3


Tot School

Please, be sure to check out Two Teaching Mommies, Making Learning Fun, and Kids Soup for more amazing pirate ideas!

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  1. Very cool. Loving those gorgeous little pirate hats too.


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