Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tot School: Pirates!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me ...

Mac had an amazing week learning about pirates!

She loved wearing her adorable pink pirate hat!

Pirate Activities On The Shelf

1. Shadowing Matching and Simple Puzzles

She's doing her "happy dance"! She loved working these adorable pirate puzzles!

2. Pre-Writing Skills with Crayola dry-erase crayons

This was her least favorite activity on the shelf. Here is set 1 and here is set 2.
She doesn't like to trace. She prefers to draw on her own!

Pirate drawings...

She informed me this drawing was of a pirate (notice the circle around the right eye, that's the patch and the squiggly lines below the smile is his beard!) in the ocean! Drawing faces is her new favorite thing!

Did I mention that she liked to draw faces? A lot of faces!

3. Ship Sequencing...Set 1 and Set 2

Other activities:

Coloring pirate handouts!

Coloring this cute parrot book to review her colors!

She's really into working puzzles, so this pirate puzzle was a huge hit! And, I love that she was reviewing her numbers 1-10, too!

Circling which picture is different handout. These were a little too hard for Mac, but once Izzie told her which one to circle, she was a master at circling!

I used this handout to introduce and review pirate terms. Simple games included, "Where is the (blank)?" and "I Spy A (blank)".


Pirate Ship...inspiration from here.

Pirate Handprint...with her cute little pirate face drawn on all by herself!
Handprint inspiration from here.

Polly the Parrot, inspiration from here.

More fun included:
Hiding and finding gold coins, inside and outside!

Going on a treasure hunt!

And finding the treasure! For more details and pictures of her treasure hunt, click here!

Decorating her treasure chest.

The most exciting activity....our voyage to a local church to play on Noah's Ark (our pretend Pirate Ship).

The Little Pirate!

Walking the plank!

We had an amazing voyage this week learning about pirates!

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Tot School

Mac is 30 months old.

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  1. what lovely pirate activities! That pirate ship is fantastic!!!!


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