Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Gift Suggestions

Izzie is turning 3 years old in 6 weeks, so the birthday party planning has begun! I'm trying to make Izzie's birthday wish list for grandparents and would love to know what your little ones enjoy playing with the best. Please leave some suggestions, thanks!

I love hosting theme parties...

Her first birthday party was a Princess Party (of course!).

Izzie's second birthday was a Puppy theme...

She's really into Diego, so this year we're planning a Jungle Safari party. Any suggestions for a cake would also be appreciated! Thanks!


  1. Maddie's 3rd birthday is on Monday! I have an OVERFLOWING amazon.com wishlist for her. If you are interested in taking a peek at her wishlist send me quick e-mail to amanda_bryant@snet.net and I can send you the link!

  2. As soon as you said she's into Diego, I thought of the Dora dollhouse we were just given. You can get Diego for it too. It's huge!

    Melissa and Dough shape stackers. We got the not so simple one, and it's a big hit, even though she now can do it.

    We also love our new water table...also in today's post!

    Stickers, paints, playdoh...consumable stuff for arts and crafts are great ideas too.

    You can buy shaped cake pans. I guarantee there is a Diego one out there!

  3. go to nick jr it has the cutest diego party stuff! http://www.nickjr.com/party/go-diego-go/index.jhtml

    we did animal adventure for her 1st bday

  4. ER's 3rd birthday and party was yesterday. She got a lot more than we expected as presents and is having a great time with them. She likes things with too many small parts to them, in my opinion. The Littlest Pet Shop and especially the My Little Pony playsets are BIG hits around here. You just have to monitor play carefully as there are small pieces. She also really likes simple games, eeboo makes some perfect for little ones just beginning to play. Also, the wooden food from Haba is very cute, also on the small side.


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