Friday, July 24, 2009

Felt Food Week 1

Awhile back, I decided to try to make some felt food for Izzie. She has had so much fun playing with the eggs, so I've decided to try to fill a basket of felt food before her birthday.

Week 0: 2 eggs and 1 strawberry

Week 1: 2 pancakes, 3 slices of bacon, spaghetti noddles with sauce and meatballs, 3 pieces of lettuce, 1 tomato


  1. Those are so cute! Did you make up the patterns yourself or did you find them somewhere? Did you hand stitch them or use a sewing machine? I've thought about doing felt food, but I'm not a sewer at all, but my mom is. I might be able to get her to make some for me. :)

  2. Sheena--
    These were quiet simple to make. I googled "felt food" and browsed several Etsy stores for my inspiration. There are a lot that are much more complicated and detailed...I chose the ones that looked pretty simple and free-handed them...I did hand-stitch them. Good luck and have fun!


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