Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rainbow Fish ABC and 123 Activities

Izzie is obsessed with identifying letters and counting to ten. As many of you know, Izzie has a speech disorder, Apraxia, so hearing her say the alphabet and counting to ten is music to my ears! She really enjoyed the Rainbow fish books...very simple, but great graphics.

Izzie can identify all her letters and pronoucing most by name and a few by sound, such as "S" is "sss" and "M" is "mmm".

I've seen a version of this activity on several different blogs. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I found the fish template. I printed off 26 fish, outlined each with marker, and wrote a letter on each, then attached a paper clip. For the fishing pole: wooden spoon, yarn, and a magnet.

When Izzie caught a fish, she had to identify the letter before she could keep the fish. If she didn't identify the letter correctly, she had to throw the fish back into the ocean. She thought this was great fun; therefore, began purposely misidentifying letters.

Now that Izzie can count to ten, she counts everything! She really enjoyed counting and identifying the colors in this book.

I found the templates here for this activity. I had the numbers in a small bag and the fish on the outside of the fish bowl. Izzie randomly drew a number from the bag, then counted the correct number of fish to put into the fish bowl.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation of the books. Meghan isn't obsessed yet with counting...but I love when she tries.

    Funny waste time on the potty and motivate her, I sing the ABCs to her...when she goes I get fast and high pitched. She loves it. Now she starts singing the ABCs to me if I forget...and it's fast and high pitched! She doesn't have it down though.

  2. I like very much your ideas, thanks :)


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