Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coloring Activities

Izzie has always enjoyed to color. We keep her coloring books and crayons out in a basket, so they are always accessible to her. I recently noticed that EVERY page of ALL the coloring books were colored...I mean there wasn't a square inch of space left to color. I've never really encouraged Izzie to focus while she's coloring or to stay in the lines...I've always just let coloring be free with her; therefore, most of her coloring books look very colorful and messy (in a good way). But, it was time for some new books!

While we were shopping at our favorite place, Dollar Tree, I stumbled upon these workbooks!

Izzie was thrilled to have a blank slate...

When we opened the book, I simply explained that when she's coloring to try and stay inside the my surprise she was very focused and stayed in the lines quite well! I felt a little guilty that I had never explained to her how to color, even though she colors daily! So, who knows how long she's been able to do this!

She's totally into making patterns these days...thanks, Team Umizoomi!

Another favorite is coloring by numbers.

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