Monday, August 30, 2010

Math Links: Graphing

Recently, Izzie has been very interested in measuring objects around the house with her ruler. However, she refuses to allow me to show her how to properly use the ruler. So, I decided I would at least teach her the concept of measuring.

I found this fabulous book, Inch By Inch, which tells a story about a little inchworm, who was getting ready to be eaten by a bird, but was able to talk his way out of being lunch by showing the bird that he was important because he could measure things. The book then shows illustrations of 5 different animals that you can measure with any unit because it does not state the correct measurement.

I found these adorable inchworms (not truly an inch in measurement) that were labeled 1-10 for Izzie to use to measure the animals. As you can see in the above picture, the number 2 inchworm is missing..."she" is pink; therefore, Izzie had to hold her, the inchworm, the entire time!

I created an Inch By Inch Graph (Microsoft Word) for Izzie to record her data.

The completed graph. I liked Izzie being able to see the results in a bar graph. As we analyzed the data, she was quickly able to determine which measurement was the longest, shortest, the same length as another, etc.

I created another graph (Blank Graph), so she could measure various objects around the house and record the data. However, after the book, she was done "measuring" for the day...

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  1. I just borrowed this book at the library and we've been measuring body parts. We got the book because we were reading Leo Lionni books but it fits nicely with our studies now. Thank you for the fabulous download! I will have to use this on one of our math club sessions.

  2. The link for the graph is not good anymore. Is there anyway to post it again?

  3. I'll see if I can get the link working. Sorry....4-share seems to always have glitches!

    If not, I'll try to find it on my computer and send it to you.

    Thanks for understanding.


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