Monday, August 8, 2011

Our *NEW* Homeschool Room!

We've been working hard this summer...converting our one-car garage into the new school room! We painted the walls blue, placed a carpet remnant over the concrete floors, and added furniture. Since it's still our primary storage space too, we had to come up with some creative ways to "hide" our non-homeschooling stuff! Lighting is still a little dull, so we're hoping to add a bigger brighter overhead light in the near future!

Drum roll, please...introducing our *NEW* school room!

As you enter the school room from our kitchen.

Down the steps and to the left is our calendar time and magnetic fun area!

I love this Carson Dellosa calendar set! Each month has a different pattern for the numbers.

Magnetic fun storage.

We will be using Sue Patrick's workbook system.

The science center is on top of my husband's "manly things" cabinet.

Pocket charts and pointers from Target ($1 each).

Writing and math areas. We kept our old counter tops (last fall we installed new kitchen counter tops), which are perfect for using as a desk. So why are there white sheets dangling from the ceiling? To cover up our "stuff"...seasonal items, gift wrapping supplies, recycling bins, etc. Again, this is still our primary storage area too!

Writing area...dry erase learning items, mega doddle, and sandpaper letters.

Math area with manipulatives.

Word wall...yes, I'm running out of wall space, but the functional garage door works perfectly!

Opposite end view.

My favorite item in the room...this HUGE storage unit from Ikea. I cornered it because we are storing the girls' bigger toys behind it...tricycles, basketball goal, shopping cart, etc.

I love, love, love the huge storage compartments underneath...great for games and puzzles!

"Mommy" manuals for schooling in the tall cabinets.

Under window storage.

Art area. The easel is from Ikea. We placed a cork board above to display art projects!

Tot school trays for Mac. Trays from the Dollar Tree.

Somewhat organized teaching supplies.

Another view.

Center table from Ikea with two storage containers underneath!

Yes, we have a bike hanging on the wall and recycling bins up top!

Geography and reading area.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of our new school room! A lot of work and love went into creating this space for our family as we begin this new adventure of homeschooling!

If you would like to see other school areas, please hop over to Heart of the Matter!

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  1. So cute! We too are using a former one-car garage as our homeschool room. I'm finishing up some moving around of stuff so haven't posted my room for the blog hop yet. I've got a first-grader and pre-kindy this year so I'll be watching what you do to get some ideas. Thanks for sharing your room. It looks great.

  2. Fabulous job! We use our garage space also and it is nowhere near as nice as yours. I might start working on my dh in regarsd to floor coverings etc!

  3. Wow it looks so good! You've done a great job.

  4. It's looks really great! I love Carson Delosa too. Very cute!

  5. Awesome! What a nice space.

  6. Oh my goodness! This space is so great!

  7. Love love love love :). The book shelf is AWESOME!! I honestly though you had it set up as a play grocery store when I first looked at the picture. So, maybe you should try that some time :).

  8. Those underneath drawers are nice!
    Great room!


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