Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sometimes It Doesn't Go As Planned...

It's even better!!

I had given Izzie three letters and the "stuff" out of the corresponding Alphabet Sound Drawers for her to review beginning sounds. Well, she decided to play with the animals instead...

A little disturbing!

Then, Mac decided to join in on the fun too!

Did I redirect her focus back to her task? Nope! Not today! It was REFRESHING to see them playing nicely TOGETHER! Here lately, there has been some major conflict between the two with sharing and playing together. So, I decided to sit back and enjoy the show!

They spent the longest time playing with the "stuff" out of the Alphabet Drawers, then Mac moved on to her wooden barn and animals...

Then, Izzie decided to join her....well, it was nice while it lasted. Oh, wait!!

No tears? Ahhh....playing together, again? Seriously!?

And, again? No Way!!

Where are my daughters?

No worries! I'm sure they'll be back tomorrow and everything will go as planned!

Boy, did I enjoy today!!

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  1. lol I know what you mean....lovely to see them playing together so nicely :-)


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