Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fancy Nancy Party!

Our local library hosted a Fancy Nancy party!

What she really wanted to wear...

What she was allowed to wear...she really didn't want to wear a shirt and tights under her fancy dress or her regular shoes!

Mac was so excited to get dressed up too! Unfortunately, she wasn't able to attend, the library insisted the party was for only 4+ years old.

There were 5 stations for the girls to go through, the first station was a Tea Party, where they decorated their fancy goblet and had pink lemonade and a lot of munchies!

At the second station, they were taught a few French words and made a fancy fan!

The third station, Izzie made a fancy wand!

Izzie's favorite station was the fourth station, where she made a fancy bracelet!

At the last station, a Fancy Nancy book was read.

What a fancy way to spend the afternoon!

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