Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm addicted to...

I've been dragging my feet joining Pinterest, simply because I knew I would be hooked and wasn't sure if I needed another addiction. I gave in. I'm hooked. I've spent way too many hours "pinning". Do I feel guilty? Nope, I love it and I'm having way too much fun finding tons of great educational resources!

If you haven't try careful, it's addicting!


  1. My name is Jackie and I am addicted to Pinterest! 8-)

  2. My name is Annie and I really need a 12 step program for this!!

  3. Yes, me too! I'm a pinterest addict. :)

    I've enjoyed reading your blog a lot, so I wanted to let you know I passed an award on to you. You can read about it here if you like:

    I often read your site from the 1+1+1=1 link-up.


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