Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Language Lessons 1-6

First Language Lessons, Level 1, is a complete grammar text that uses copywork, narration, picture study, and other classical techniques to develop the student's language ability.  Izzie will be completing 3 lessons per week.  

  Izzie has completed the first 6 lessons and is really enjoying this classical style of learning!

Lesson 1:  Definition of a noun and introduction of common nouns.  

Lesson 1: Extra Practice

I created this simple handout for extra practice.  I'm no longer uploading my handouts to Scribd since they've started charging; however, this handout did not properly upload to Google Docs...the text boxes are missing and it's a little crowded.  It's completable, but not identical to the one above.  If you would like an original copy, feel free to e-mail me.  

Lesson 1: Extra Practice

 Lesson 2: Introduction to poem memorization--The Caterpillar

 Since we'll be practicing this poem for several lessons, I wanted Izzie to be able to use her own illustrations to help her remember the poem.  Here's a copy of the poem


Izzie's illustration of poem.

Izzie had the poem memorized in no time!

Lesson 3:  Review definition of noun, common nouns, and The Caterpillar poem.   

 Izzie drew a picture of our family and labeled it with common nouns.  

 Lesson 4:  Introduction of Proper Nouns.

I created another simple handout for extra practice of Proper Nouns. 

Lesson 4: Extra Practice
I had Izzie highlight each capital letter to reinforce that proper nouns begin with capital letters.  

Lesson 5:  Introduction of story narration--The Rabbit and the Turtle

Izzie is LOVING the Draw Write Now books!! 

Her finished drawing and dictation of story.   

"The Rabbit and the Turtle"

The rabbit and the turtle raced.  
The rabbit took a nap.  
The turtle passed him and won.  
Slow and steady wins the race. 

Lesson 6:  Review definition of noun, proper nouns, and The Caterpillar poem.

To review proper nouns, she took her drawing from Lesson 4 and wrote a proper noun for each person.  

Again, she highlighted each capital letter to reinforce that proper nouns begin with capital letters.

She really enjoyed the first 6 lessons and it's amazing how much information she's retained about very unfamiliar terms! 

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  1. This was so helpful for me! My son's last day of first grade was a week ago! We are now going to start homeschooling second grade and PreK! I will start FLL 1&2 with my son, he is a hands on lil guy and this post really helped give me some ideas. I'm sarting a blog for our homeschool and would love to link back to your blog. :)

    I'm a new follower.


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